Doosun Vietnam, the primary vendor of Samsung Electronics, launched the education business in 2018, the third in Vietnam after printing & packaging, beauty & cosmetic. Sun Edu imports specialized programs for English and Math with proven effects and quality to provide them with differentiated learning skills.

  • 12/2018Opened Sun Edu Learning Center in Hanoi
  • 05/2018 Signed a content import contract with YBM, Korea
  • 01/2018 Launched Sun Edu business
  • 12/2017Awarded President of commendation for contributing Korea Industry Development
  • 03/2017 Awarded Korea Printing Industry Grand prize
  • 12/2016Awarded A 10-million-dollar export company from Korea Government
  • 05/2015Opened Doosun Vietnam Hanoi R&D Center
  • 01/2015 Established Doosun Cosmetics
  • 05/2013 Established Doosun Vietnam for Samsung mobile phone box
  • 03/1984 Established Doosun Printing for designing and total packaging