Among Ready Steady Phonics and Storyland series, kids will start with Phonic books first to adapt to alphabets, distinguish short sound and long sound of vowels, and learn how to pronounce properly. After that, children can experience very interesting stories through colorful storybooks – practice whole language approach. They can learn 4 basic English skills-listening, reading, speaking, and writing through stories, play funny games & activities, joyful songs & chants, and master basic expression.

Hey friends, we will show you some main features of a Phonic book! We are sure this is where the fun begins. Let’s play and learn with us!!!

Funny and rewarding game activities

Learn to recognizing sounds.

Infinitive English common vocabularies

Last but not least, Storybooks also have many interesting things to discover. Let’s get some insight.

Funny and rewarding game activities

Infinitive English common vocabularies

Learn English common sentences with joy


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