Q1. Who can learn this program or how many levels are there?

A : The kids from 4 to 12 years old can learn English through this program. We have graded English and Math books according to their developmental stages and their levels. There are 6 steps in each subject. We have Peanut, Walnut, Buko, Sand, Colli and Robo levels in English. There are 6 setps from A to F in Math too.


Q2. How can I register?

A : Before starting, any student has to take an evaluation test to decide the right level and course(both in Math and English). Based on the test results, Sun Edu customer service will give you an education consulting about which course is suitable for your kids.


Q3. In the middle of learning process, if my kid has difficulties, how do we get help?

A : Our main purpose is helping the kids to learn how to self-motivated, how to self-teach, and how to be an independent learner. It means that the kids have to learn by themselves with our tutors’ appropriate guide and coach. Once per week, our tutor is going to visit your home and check their understanding as well as whether they finish their homework or not. If they have any questions, the tutor will answer and explain for them.


Q4. How can I learn to get the best result?

A : One of the most effective way to use our learning program is learning just for 20 minutes every day. Have them do the designated homework, listen to the story using the pen(native speaker’s voice) and repeat, record their own voices and then compare them with the native speaker’s voice. To make this happen, your role as a mother is very crucial. Please make a study enviromnet at home for your children. Don’t ever never watch TV while your children are doing their homework.


Q5. How can parents know about the learning process of their kids?

A : In each week, the tutor will go to your home to check the homework and guide the kids how to review the previous lesson and learn the new lesson. After that, the tutor will have 5 minutes talk with you and give comments what’s going on your kid’s learning. Moreover, in each lesson, there is a small test for kid to do, the tutor will check, give marks and write down some feedbacks. So, we strongly recommend you do check your kid’s learning materials regularly and if you have any related questions, ask your tutors.