Mathematic is a subject seemingly dry, with numbers and formulas; but it gives us many wonderful and helpful things for the daily life. And, the Math in English program contains a lot of more than that. “Math is fun”, that is the message we want children know.

Addition of 1 to 7, addition of 10 to 30.
Kids can understand the relationship between addition and subtraction, perform basic calculations as well.

Addition and subtraction of two-digits numbers or three-digit numbers, mixed calculation of 3 numbers.
Kids can figure out the meaning and principle of addition and subtraction.

Kids can understand the principle of multiplication and division through some calculations:
(two-digits number) х (one-digit number), division with a remainder, (two-digits number) ÷ (one-digit number),
(three-digits number) ÷ (one-digit number).

Multiplication or division of two-digit numbers, multiplication or division of three-digit number and two-digit number, mixed calculation of natural numbers, relationship between fraction and decimal.

Kids can easily perform the addition and subtraction of fractions or decimals by studying about the common divisor, common multiple, greatest common divisor and least common multiple…

Mixed calculation of fractions and decimals, multiplication and division of fractions or decimals… Kids can understand the principle of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

Here is the first page of A5.

Next, students will learn one by one small thing between the units and the units.

Concentrated Exercise

Storytelling & Phrases

Formative test

Each book is a complete perfect piece to approach Math for children. And our series of books are already ready for them.


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