Mathematics plays an important role in our lives. Mathematics is applied in daily life from simple everyday tasks (such as keeping track of time, driving, cooking, ...) to complex fields and professions (such as finance, science, engineering, artificial intelligence, etc.) art, artificial intelligence, etc.). Basic mathematical knowledge and skills have helped people to solve real-life problems systematically and accurately, contributing to the development of society. Learning Math is considered a "sport for the brain". Many studies have shown that learning Math is a method to help train students' ability to concentrate, improve their ability to think quickly, reason logically, and solve problems.

Math in Sunedu

Sunedu's Math English program focuses on calculus, divided into 6 levels from A to F.

In there:

Level A: Addition and subtraction of 1-digit numbers.

Level B: Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers.

Level C: Addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers; multiplication and division table.

Level D: Multiplication with 3-digit numbers; aggregate calculation.

Level E: Fractions; fraction comparison, addition, and subtraction of fractions; multiplication and division of fractions.

Level F: Decimals; compare decimals; addition and subtraction of decimals; decimal multiplication and division; mixed numbers.

The content of each lesson is arranged in a scientific sequence from theory to practice:

Theory: Start with “brainstorm” questions, give examples and detailed solutions. From there, general guidelines are given.

Practice: The exercises are arranged by increasing the difficulty level. After understanding basic calculations, students will apply problem-solving in problems with solutions.

Sunedu's English Math program helps children approach Math in an active, positive, and effective way through a new language. Children at the same time develop their calculation ability and English language skills through applied math problems that are illustrated with fun and vivid illustrations.