Main functions of Saypen

1 Power On / Off.

Hold down the Power button at the center of the product to turn on or off the power.

2 Green light

If the power is turned on, the light turns green and the pen will emit sound

3 Read

Place the sensor tip of Saypen in the area you want to read, the pen emits sound.

4 Search

Press the search button to search for the level of books you want to read.

5 Translate (T) / Battery level check

Press T button if you want to translate English into Vietnamese. Hold the button for a moment to see the current battery capacity.

1 MP3

Press MP3 button quickly and then, LED turns red and the audio content of MP3 file will be played.

2 Search.

Press the search button and click to switch to another audio file.

3 Pause / Play.

Press Pause or Play if you want to pause or play.

4 Volume.

Use the +, – buttons to adjust the volume

Add audio file

If there is no MP3 audio file to play, the pen will say “There is no MP3 file. Please download.” Connect Saypen to the computer via USB, and add the audio content to the MP3 file.

Switch from MP3 to PEN mode

In MP3 mode, hold down the MP3 button briefly, and the LED turns green and switchs to PEN mode.

1 Charging.

  1. Charge the battery with the supplied USB cable.
  2. Use a dedicated charger to charge the battery.

Notes when charging the battery

  • Do not charge the battery with a quick charger.
  • Use only charger with rated power of 5.0V / 1.2A or below.
  • Do not use high speed USB or USB 3.0 port.
  • Do not charge the battery with a dedicated high-speed charger for transportation.

2 Use after charging.

The battery is charged only a small amount when you purchase the pen. Be sure to fully charge the battery for the first time.

3 Charge the battery

The pen contains an integrated Li-Po battery. Ensure that the battery is charged or stored at room temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. Stop charging when the pen LED turns from red to green when fully charged. Charging for too long (over 3 hours) can lead to reduced battery life. Pens which are not used for a long time can also cause battery drain and error. To avoid battery exhaustion, charge even when the pen is not in use.

4 Check battery level.

  1. Press and hold T button to see the remaining battery level.
  2. When you hear “I am hungry! Charging please!”, charge the pen

5 Battery longevity.

As the battery is consumable, the usage time will be reduced. Replace the battery if the battery longevity drops below 50% or leaks. When the pen is not working or the battery has been consumed by the time when you buy the pen, please contact Sun Edu’s customer service: 1800-8064 or our website(

5 Be careful when charging the battery

  • Do not charge the battery with a quick and high-speed charger.
  • Use only the charger with rated power of 5.0V / 1.2A or below.
  • Do not use high speed USB or USB 3.0 port.
  • Do not charge the battery with a high-speed charger when moving by car.

Customer support

If you cannot use Saypen or have any questions, please read the followings carefully first. And if the problem persist, send an inquiry to the Sun Edu Support Center: 1800-8064 /

Check out the followings if your pen doesn’t work!

★ No working.
• Try turning on the power again after charging

★ LED is on but you cannot turn off and the lamp does not work.
• Press Reset button on the back of the pen and it will shut down. Then restart.

★ When the power is on, the red light blinks about 2 times and the power is off
• This is a case where there is no battery. Please try again after charging

★ The pen lights up, but it does not emit sound when you point to the book.

Try checking if the book you are using is a book with a Saypen logo.
• After clicking the book search button and selecting the appropriate title, try pointing to the book. Check to see if any other objects stick to Saypen sensor.
• The red LED means the pen is in MP3 mode, so there will be no sound when you touch the pen tip in the book.
• If you press MP3 button, the light turns green and it goes to normal reading mode

★ It powers off automatically.
• If you do not use the pen for more than 30 minutes, the pen will automatically turn off. Then turn it back on and use it normally.
• In addition, the pen may be out of battery, so it automatically turns off. Please try again after charging.

★ Volume control 
• There may be noise when the volume is too high. Then try to reduce the volume to the appropriate level.

Warranty Policy

★ After sales service
If it is not a user error, the pen will be free of warranty within 1 year after purchase date. If it has a problem, please bring it directly to the place you purchased or tell your tutor. Products will be warranted repair or replacement within 10 days of calculation from date of purchase. In case the product is purchased and used by many individuals, or the user is transferred, the free warranty period is reduced in half. The warranty period of the battery is 6 months.

★ Repair service charges
Repair service charges will be applied in the case of user error:
• Damage caused by virus infection, or if the user removes, installs or alters the shape of the pen
• Individuals who are not Sun Edu’s technician, or employees appointed by the company, fix the pen by mistake, resulting in malfunction.
• Assembly of parts and equipment of the pen not provided by Sun Edu.
• Problems due to non-compliance with the contents of the user manual
• If the pen code is not verified by the manufacturer Saypen.

★ Other cases
• Services will be charged when a disaster occurs (fire, flood, etc.).
• End-of-life consumables (ex. batteries).
• The pen warranty policy will not apply if it has been sold to another user.
Other items not mentioned in the warranty policy will be implemented based on the fact and we are committed to support customers in the best conditions. Service requests will be backed up and responded quickly, especially with regard to broken or defective products. If there is no service request, the customer will have to pay the basic service fee and express delivery fee. Please read the instructions carefully before contacting us for assistance.
Regulation of exchange: Customers can not directly exchange old pens with new pens. The pen shall be exchanged after the pen has been checked with care.

★ Member Services
• If you register to buy products at, after purchasing the product, you will be registered members.
• After registering for membership, you may be able to receive downloads of audio files and after sales support services.