A.The importance of Self-study
1. Students can learn more efficiently

When your children investigate a topic on their own, they are more likely to actively interact with the material. Self-study students are better equipped to think about issues in depth and connect what they've learned. Students are better able to recall information when they are interested  (and excited) about it.  Self-study also aids in the development of study abilities that your child can apply to new topics or difficult tasks. 

2. Encourages curiosity

It promotes curiosity. Curiosity is one of the most important (and underappreciated) components of inspiring pupils to learn. Students acquire less information when they are not engaged in what they are learning. They learn in order to memorize rather than to comprehend.

3. It can boost students’ self-esteem

It has the potential to improve kids' self-esteem. Many students become more confident learners as they conduct more self-study. They can consider themselves as self-sufficient individuals who can master new skills without the assistance of others. For students, this can be a huge motivator.

Sunedu encourage students to develop their self-study by providing 3 coaching types.

B.Coaching types in Sunedu
1.Video coaching

Online learning has to be one of the greatest revolution in contemporary education, with a lot of benefits. At SUNEDU we provide 1:1 online coaching course. The duration of each lesson is not too long, along with self-study with Saypen and books at home before lesson, coaches and students  can be flexible to interact based on the content in books. With low tuition fee, high qualified teachers and well-designed books, video coaching is a brilliant choice for student.

2. Center coaching

In SUNEDU, we apply a different model class of learning English. Small number of students in one class and mixing levels, maximum 6 students , is great learning environment. Students will be guided by teacher how to devide their self-study time with books and Saypen. In class, teachers interact with students to check and  explain more about the concept or theory that they don’t fully understand. Moreover, when study at center, students get all equipments and an ideal environment  to study better.

3. Home coaching

Coaching directly 1:1 is one of the most common choices from parents. Parents don’t have time to take children to English class, they are busy with office work and even  their kids are tired when travelling from house to English class? SUNEDU ‘s coaches can help to solve all those problems. With qualified coaches and good teaching methods, we are confident to support students study English well at home.