Golden period

Language experts have affirmed that preschool age (3-6 years old) is the golden period of language development and is also the ideal time for children to learn new foreign languages outside. next to the mother tongue. Along with that, many studies show that compared with monolingual children of the same age, bilingual children have superior development in thinking, memory, information processing and social skills.


Accompanying children's English language development during this period, SUNEDU offers students: a solid phonological foundation combined with English with familiar themes: colors, animals , numbers, shapes, emotions, etc. Short sentence patterns throughout, are integrated in the content of each story, creating the context of the given sentence along with the spiral review method to help students memorize and use sentences with similar situations in life.


Upon completion of this program, students master the basic pronunciation of the English alphabet; have the ability to rhyme and read the letters; vocabulary of over 200 basic words, ability to react to language interaction with 50 short sentence structures and corresponding conversation patterns by topic.

Completion time

Basic Phonetics (40 hours)
Basic Topic English (50 hours)