Warranty Policy

★ After sales service

If it is not a user error, the pen will be free of warranty within 1 year after purchase date. If it has a problem, please bring it directly to the place you purchased or tell your tutor. Products will be warranted repair or replacement within 10 days of calculation from date of purchase. In case the product is purchased and used by many individuals, or the user is transferred, the free warranty period is reduced in half. The warranty period of the battery is 6 months.

★ Repair service charges

Repair service charges will be applied in the case of user error:
• Damage caused by virus infection, or if the user removes, installs or alters the shape of the pen
• Individuals who are not Sun Edu’s technician, or employees appointed by the company, fix the pen by mistake, resulting in malfunction.
• Assembly of parts and equipment of the pen not provided by Sun Edu.
• Problems due to non-compliance with the contents of the user manual
• If the pen code is not verified by the manufacturer Saypen.

★ Other cases

  •  Services will be charged when a disaster occurs (fire, flood, etc.).
  • End-of-life consumables (ex. batteries).
  • The pen warranty policy will not apply if it has been sold to another user.
  • Other items not mentioned in the warranty policy will be implemented based on the fact and we are committed to support customers in the best conditions. Service requests will be backed up and responded quickly, especially with regard to broken or defective products. If there is no service request, the customer will have to pay the basic service fee and express delivery fee. Please read the instructions carefully before contacting us for assistance.
    Regulation of exchange: Customers can not directly exchange old pens with new pens. The pen shall be exchanged after the pen has been checked with care.

★ Member Services

  •  If you register to buy products at www.suneduvn.com, after purchasing the product, you will be registered members.After registering for membership, you may be able to receive downloads of audio files and after sales support services