Features of Saypen
How to use Saypen
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Notes when charging the battery
  • Do not charge the battery with a quick charger.
  • Use only charger with rated power of 5.0V / 1.2A or below.
  • Do not use high speed USB or USB 3.0 port.
  • Do not charge the battery with a dedicated high-speed charger for transportation.
Use after charging

The battery is charged only a small amount when you purchase the pen. Be sure to fully charge the battery for the first time.


Full battery charging time

About 2 hours 20 minutes

Stop charging after the battery is full

(the indicator light goes from red to green)

Time to use


About 7 hours of use

Battery life depends on usage, temerature, usage time, etc.


About 11 hours of use


As the battery is consumable, the charging time and usage time will be reduced.

Charge the battery

The pen contains an integrated Li-Po battery. Ensure that the battery is charged or stored at room temperature between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. Stop charging when the pen LED turns from red to green when fully charged. Charging for too long (over 3 hours) can lead to reduced battery life. Pens which are not used for a long time can also cause battery drain and error. To avoid battery exhaustion, charge even when the pen is not in use.

Check battery level
  1. Press and hold T button to see the remaining battery level.
  2. When you hear “I am hungry! Charging please!”, charge the pen
Battery longevity

As the battery is consumable, the usage time will be reduced. Replace the battery if the battery longevity drops below 50% or leaks. When the pen is not working or the battery has been consumed by the time when you buy the pen, please contact Sun Edu’s customer service: 1800-8064 or our website.

Customer support

If you cannot use Saypen or have any questions, please read the followings carefully first. And if the problem persist, send an inquiry to the Sun Edu Support Center: 1800-8064 / suneduvn.com

Check out the following if your pen doesn’t work.